Ooze Armor Platinum Cured Silicone Bowl

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Ooze is one of the latest brands that has made its way into my store and I plan to increase my range steadily. A practical brand that offers a very wide range of products, some from their own range and others from well-known brands already on the market. I call Ooze practical as many of the products that they tend to manufacture themselves tends to focus on storage and ways to keep your herbal paraphernalia secure.


My research standards slipped when purchasing these flower bowls. I admire the brand and needed more new stock so thought I would give them a chance and now they are here I am really glad I did. Ooze have outdone themselves trying to cover as many bases as they can with these bowls. Each glass bowl is encased entirely by Platinum Cured Silicone and slips easily in and out for cleaning. The removable glass bowl is not like a standard bowl (in shape) and has no stem so you kind of need to use the silicone cover when inserting into a water pipe. 7 small holes in the base of the glass act as a screen to stop you inhaling a mouthful of herbal material.

TIP: Silicone is incredibly tolerant to high levels of heat. Food Grade Silicone has been used to help keep you safe.
The outer silicone shell is rigid and very tough and should protect the glass from most breakages. There is a honeycomb pattern on the exterior designed to create an airtight seal as there is no frosting. This silicone shell is called the “Armor”, hence the name of these bowls. This Armor graduates in size as you move up the stem and fits either 14 or 18mm connection ports (female). This is a fantastic feature that enables you to use a wider variety of water pipes/bubblers.
A very handy feature that I like is the fact that you can remove the glass portion and instead use the Armor to attach a vape pen (+ cartridge) directly to your water pipe. Brilliant! This will help to eliminate any harshness by filtering and cooling the vapour through water.


The use of silicone in water bubblers + accessories is steadily growing due the high levels of durability offered. I will admit I was trepidatious at first as I was a glass only devotee. I have since done quite a bit of research and now carry a few pieces made from various amounts of silicone. Not all silicone is created equal and reputable brands will only ever use the safest food-grade silicone available. All silicone products at We are Lux are made with such silicone. Silicone is a synthetic polymer made by heating sand mixed with quartz. This process results in a stable polymer that is highly resistant to chemicals and heat. Rest assured you can heat your silicone and just like when you use silicone cookware to bake in your oven you should be safe. But you are still smoking so lets not pretend that will ever be healthy (sorry) but you should never overlook harm minimisation wherever you can get it!


  • x1 Ooze Armor Platinum Cured Silicone bowl
  • x1 Borosilicate Glass Insert


  • Compatible With Most Vape Pens
  • Fits Most Pipes, Bubbler and Bongs (14 and 18mm)
  • Made From Silicone and Glass
  • Heat Resistant
  • Unbreakable Silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Borosilicate Glass Bowl

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