Ooze Geode 10ml Silicone and Glass Dab Container

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Colour: Blue

Who doesn’t love storage? Well, I do at least. There is something very satisfying about stowing away all your herbal materials in a safe and secure manner. I like to go a little nuts and line up all my jars/containers in a nice neat row with each jar nicely labelled. It kind of helps too when the jars have a little something special about them.


When considering storage for your herbal materials you should factor in a few things. Firstly, what it is that you are storing as dry herbal material and oils/wax each require something a little unique for effective storage. Storing your herb incorrectly can impact on levels of potency within. Next you should consider size required, type of lid, glass or silicone/plastic and whether you want to see inside.
There are 2 materials most commonly used to store herbal wax concentrates/thick oils, silicone and glass. There are pros and cons to both. Glass is relatively non-stick, natural and enables you to see within but is breakable and light may impact on your material (check out the Qube for a glass option you can’t see within). Silicone is known for its superior non-sticking abilities (used a lot in cooking) whilst being easy to clean and robust but many purists want only natural surfaces.
The Geode Container is a nice blend of both with an inner dish (completely cylindrical) made entirely of glass wrapped in a silicone outer skin (multi-faceted) to keep the contents safe. This skin is completely removable for cleaning. Light is also kept to a minimum with 6 diamond shaped cut-outs in the thick silicone skin. This container is said to resemble a gemstone and the multi-faceted sides do in fact resemble one. The lid is also silicone and sits firmly in place.
This is a dab dish for those that like a product that is highly functional whilst also a little unique. Extremely easy to clean (I would use the dishwasher to clean both parts) and pretty much unbreakable. 10ml is the capacity for this container, slightly more than most others I sell that hold around 7ml so a good option for those that like a little more room.
Measuring: 3cms tall (with lid) and 5cms wide (widest point)


  • x1 Ooze Geode Glass/Silicone 10ml Dabbing Container (various colours)
  • X1 Geode full Silicone Lid


  • 10ml capacity
  • 100% glass removable inner dish
  • Thick silicone outer removable skin
  • Thick silicone lid
  • Durable and easy to use/clean

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