Phoenix Rising 12" Twist Dome Base Water Pipe

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Phoenix Rising, a brand offering American-made Glassware has arisen from a community of skilled artisan glassblowers that take pride in creating functional pieces of art. American glass rods along with custom blowing techniques are used to craft quality pieces. With a strong focus on detail and materials used, each piece is quite unique and a little quirky.


The twisty neck is what drew me in, so nice to touch and quite intricate. High quality glass has been used in this beaker-like water pipe. The curved pedestal base will help keep it upright and it is linked (dramatic narrowing) to the water chamber providing an extra area for water filtration to occur. The water chamber is a perfectly round bubble, moderate in size and should allow for a substantial amount of water, especially when adding the pedestal base to the mix.  Please practice inhale first before loading the bowl just to be certain!

The water chamber narrows once you reach the neck, a rather long neck with an interesting twist! A long neck provides an extended pathway for smoke to travel, cooling the smoke before inhalation occurs. A long neck will also play a role in diminishing any splash back that may occur. The twist within the neck is an actual twist and if you look closely it kind of resembles a braid of sorts with 3 curved portions that wrap around each other. Technically a twist diffuser that will break up your smoke and force it to travel further.

Measuring: Just a little over 32cms tall.

The included flower bowl is a little different, an all-in-one bowl + stem set up that slides directly into the inbuilt channel/tube that extends down into the water chamber. A large capacity funnel/shaped bowl with a simple (non diffusion) down stem attached. A grommet style herb slide and down stem. An o-ring is provided to create an airtight connection when you slide in the bowl/stem. I would take extreme care with this portion. A very hard piece to replace.


  • x1 Phoenix Rising 12" Twist Dome Base Water Pipe
  • x1 Grommet-style herb slide and down stem - a unique piece


  • American Made Glass
  • Just over 30cms tall
  • Dome base water pipe
  • Twist diffuser
  • Grommet style herb slide connection & downstem

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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