Piranha 90° 4mm Thick Quartz Banger - 14mm Male Flat Top

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Piranha as a brand is all about providing you with a high-quality experience without the high price. Known primarily for their grinders, water pipes, hand pipes, storage and all manner of products for the consumption of concentrates (dabbing).  They have a constantly evolving line up and an ultimate goal of elevating your ritual.


Almost all bangers that I come across now are made of Quartz, a form of heat-safe glass. From that point forward the differences amongst bangers are wide and varied and can be deeper, wider, thicker, bevelled, slanted, flat top and thermochromic to name just a few. Which to choose? A good question that you will probably only be able to answer once you figure out the style of dabbing you are most at ease with. If you are just starting out, I would stick with a basic Quartz banger then upgrade as required.


A fairly standard banger made entirely from 4mm thick quartz, making it quite thick. This is a deep bucket style of banger with a flat top and a flat base. A deeper style will allow you to use more product within, but I still only recommend using a grain of rice as your dosage guide. The added depth also helps to keep the concentrate in the bucket where it belongs, lowering the amount that enters into the airpath and/or joint connection.

This banger sits at a 90° angle and will suit a "banger hanger' style of water pipe. This means that your down stem is at a 90° angle with a connection port that points straight upwards. If your down stem juts out at an angle I would recommend a 45° banger instead. The right choice of angle will enable you to light the banger safely.

Lastly, the flat top. In some bangers you will see an angled (bevelled) top and others with a flat one. This is basically about airflow with a flat top allowing you to use a carb cap that directs airflow. The carb cap can sit upon the top completely closing off the interior allowing you to swirl the carb cap around for agitation within.


x1 Piranha 90° Quartz Banger 4mm thick, 14mm male and Flat Top


  • Use: Concentrates
  • Size: 14mm Male
  • 90° angle
  • Deep design
  • Flat Top
  • Made of Premium 100% Quartz Glass

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