Planet X Flower Power Cupids Heart-Shaped Pink Bubbler

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Planet X has an adorable range of affordable accessories and storage containers. Their Flower Power range includes colourful tins, ashtrays, trays and a small selection of glass. I was immediately drawn to their pink glassware and have added both options to my shelves. This is the pink glassbubbler.


This is the cutest little glass pipe I have ever seen. Cute but extremely functional. Crafted from pink/clear durable glass with a frosted port and is the perfect size for your palm. Cupid also features a double slit-percolator that has been carved into a unique, arrow shaped down stem.

TIP: Tiny Bubblers such as this one, are designed specifically for rolled items. Some allow you to add water and some dont. Size and design will determine the usage. This bubbler has been designed to be used with water. Why would anyone need this extra step you ask? The addition of water for filtration works to give you super smooth cooler hits (great if you tend to cough) as well as filtering out contaminants before inhalation takes place.

At the top of the heart there is a bowl on one side and a smaller mouthpiece opening on the other. The down stem is an extension of the bowl and is fixed in place within the body of the heart. Please fill with enough water to cover the end portion of the down stem. Usage is quite basic, insert your Pre-rolled creation into the port. I would recommend that you construct your internal filter to be as rigid and thick as you can, this will enable it to stay firmly in place. Light and inhale via the mouthpiece. There is no carb hole on this bubbler.

Measuring: 7cms tall at its highest point and 7cms at its widest.

In a nutshell this gorgeous little Bubbler will win over your heart. Expect a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience whilst at home or on the road! Cleaner hits, maximum flavour and ultimate convenience all for your elevated enjoyment. Oh and keep your eye on it, this is a piece that will be "borrowed", never to be seen again!


x1 Planet X Flower Power Cupids Heart-Shaped Pink Bubbler


  • Pink and clear in colour
  • Heart Shaped Bubbler
  • Durable glass
  • Portable Water Filtration
  • Double-Slit Percolator
  • Fixed Down stem

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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