Pulsar Drinkable Series Tropical Cocktail 9" Water Pipe - Red Accents

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I have stocked Pulsar for a while now with a variety of herbal vaporisers, one hitters and dab rigs on offer in my Bondi Vape Store. They appear to have been around for quite some time now and house over 1000 different products at their facility in North Carolina. Consummate vapers and smokers, they love to innovate and create products that exceed expectations.


This water pipe is a little different to most that I currently stock, definitely drawing attention in store. Think of a cocktail and picture the glass it comes in, this is the general shape. Modeled on the "Hurricane Glass" that the original Hurricane Cocktail came served in and that are now also used for other cocktails. A tall and curved style of glass. This piece is quite unique in the fact that you are able to use it simultaneously to either drink and smoke. The cup portion can hold up to 150ml of your favourite beverage.

Measuring: 18cms up to base of straw and 23cms (9") from base to top of the straw.

Are you confused?? I was! The water chamber of the actual pipe is separate to where your beverage resides. This water pipe is double walled and the water chamber resides between the outer and inner glass. The pathway will curve around till it passes up towards the straw mouthpiece. There is a moderate amount of space for actual filtration to occur but dont expect extreme cooling/cleaning of your smoke. A large amount of water along with an elongated pathway will provide extreme levels if that is what you need.

The 14mm funnel bowl (male and removable) sits to the side with a curved external (fixed) down stem linking to the inner glass. It will be quite visually appealing to watch smoke fill up around the inner glass as it moves around. The striped angled straw masquerades as a mouthpiece and to clarify it is not for any sort of drinking out of! If you are using this water pipe for a beverage then please ensure you sip directly from the rim of the glass. The straw functions as a pathway for smoke and the angle will help eliminate any splash back of water onto your lips.


x1 Pulsar Drinkable Series Tropical Cocktail 9" Water Pipe - Red striped accents


  • 9 inches tall/23cms
  • Drinkable hurricane glass water pipe
  • Functional drinking glass bong
  • Hurricane-style glass holds 150mL (5fl. oz)
  • Straw mouthpiece - Striped
  • Includes 14mm male herb slide w/ handle - striped

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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