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In my experience few people have not heard of Raw, viewed by many as the best rolling papers out there. Pure, unbleached, chalk-less, undyed and additive free papers made in Spain (Alcoy region). Raw describes themselves as a lifestyle brand for those that wish to take their smoking to a new level hence the wide range of accessories that Raw also offers.


Terpenes can easily be described as flavour molecules and are the part of plant that is responsible for scent. They can be found in a variety of plants, fungi as well as some bugs and are also forms of communication. Terpenes are used by plants to attract pollinators, repel herbivores and attract predators of said herbivores – basically a great defence mechanism. In humans, terpenes can enhance the therapeutic effects (as well as adding flavour) of herbal remedies.

So why use terps? Terpenes extracted from plants have a myriad of uses; flavour enhancement, cleaning agents, medical remedies and skincare. The Entourage Effect is all the rage at the moment. There are many terpenes present in the magnificent cannabis plant. Various ratios of a wide range of terpenes can be found within different strains of medical marijuana, hence the aromas experienced. Many terpenes have known pharmalogical effects that have been studied for their medicinal effects. The basic premise of the Entourage Effect is when additional terpenes are added in addition to the ones already present in the cannabis being consumed. In this way the medicinal effect is magnified and enhanced.


Dominant Terpene = Caryophyllene. Also known as Black Pepper. This special terpene has a unique ability to bind with CB2 receptors and is known for its ability to possibly deal with pain. Said to have anti-inflammatory effects, antimicrobial and antibacterial. Stress relief and possible mood elevation are also stated. Helping to lower paranoia levels and relieving couch-lock are other possible reported effects. 

This is a 5ml spray bottle filled with botanical extracted terpenes. Simple to use. Spray a few pumps directly onto your rolling paper, cone, wrap or herbal material. Wait 6 minutes before lighting.


x1 RAW CDT + Terp Spray 5ml - Sour Apple


  • Sour Apple variety
  • Caryophyllene dominant terpene
  • Calming effect
  • 5ml spray bottle

***Please do not swallow or inhale the actual spray***

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