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I have stocked Scrubber Duckys™ since the very beginning of my store. I tend to drive my customers a little mad carrying on about the benefits of deep cleaning their glass and vapes. Glass in particular can be quite laborious especially ones with intricate percolation set ups. There are a myriad of methods used, some a little more effective than others. Scrubber Duckys™ offer a unique and highly effective way to clean your glass.
​Scrubber ducky not included.


This is the Bath Concentrate (8 oz/236ml) that pairs up with the Scrubber Duckys Starter Kit (or can be used on its own). Both work in tandem to keep your glass water pipes spotless. Zero dyes used, zero colourants and zero artificial fragrance. Coconut, sugar and orange have all been used, an all new formula. This concentrate removes tough built-up stains on any glass, ceramic or quartz surface (perfect for dabbing rigs). Use alone in place of harsh chemical cleaners, or alongside Scrubber Duckys magnetic scrubbers for dry build up + tough stains.

TIP: Safe to be used on quartz, glass, uncoated metal, acrylic and ceramic. BUT as this has orange in the formula (citrus based) it may damage coatings on surfaces.

Scrubber Ducky Bath Concentrate can be used with or without being heated. For glass it can be used heated or not whereas your expensive quartz will benefit from the concentrate being heated. Either way this is a concentrate so you will not need a lot. If heated I would mix 1:1 with water before microwaving the solution or use it as is (unheated and without water) to soak smaller pieces. Either way, rinse with hot water when done.

TIP: 8 oz. (236ml) bottle concentrated product makes up to 16-24 oz (472-708ml) or more of cleaning solution.


x1 235ml Bottle of Scrubber Ducky Bath Water Concentrate


  • No Dyes
  • No Colouring
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Natural cleaner
  • Concentrated
  • Citrus based cleaner (be cautious with coated products)
  • Can be heated for greater effect
  • Works best paired with Scrubber Ducky scrubbers


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