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I have had Session Goods on my shelf for a little while now and they have quickly become a part of my “must have” brands lining my wall! A youngish brand founded in San Francisco. All their designs are elegant and simplistic in their design, and each come with silicone accessories to keep your glass safe. If minimalism is your thing, then Session Goods is a brand you should explore.


Oh Session Goods you just on impressing me yet again. A stash jar with a multitude of usage, no end to what you can stash. Super sleek black borosilicate glass makes up the majority of the body with the same silicone footer on the base as found in all Session Goods Water Pipes (taller though). The lid is also silicone and is designed in such a way that it seals the jar off keeping odours trapped within.

TIP: In store I have displayed the Ashtray, Stash Jar and Session Goods Water Pipe all together on a shelf. The use of silicone across the range makes is very impressive visually when grouped.

Remove the silicone lid and you are exposing storage zone number 1, an all-glass (black tinted) storage jar. Smooth and cylindrical with a flat base within. The walls are quite tall (just over 3cms) enabling you to store quite a bit within. This jar sits directly upon storage zone number 2, held in place (and slightly concealed) via the silicone footer. You can completely remove the glass jar.

TIP: The lid has a built-in stand for your bowls on its underside, works best with 14mm male connections. Stand your bowl upright for packing! Brilliant.

Let’s remove the jar then. Storage zone 2 is completely silicone and larger than zone 1. As it is made from silicone you can bend/squeeze it and it will bounce back into shape. This base has 2 roles to perform; to protect the glass whilst also offering extra storage. The walls are 5cm tall and there is a trisected base, technically giving you 3 individual (walled off) areas enabling you to organise your goods accordingly.

TIP: there is a Utility and Design Patent Pending in the United States, Canada and the European Union for this product.

Measuring: 75mm x 92mm and said to be able to hold 0.25oz of underground herbal material.


  • X1 Session Goods Black Borosilicate Glass and Silicone Footer Stash Jar
  • X1 Silicone Lid


  • Minimalistic design
  • Black Tinted Borosilicate glass
  • Silicone footer and lid
  • Built-in bowl stand
  • Easy to clean
  • Glass Thickness: 4mm down to 2mm
  • Size: 75mm x 92mm
  • Trisected base
  • Odour reduction

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