Katoya Revolver Dugout - Pink Marbled

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Katoya is the original Resin Dugout in a world filled with Dugouts. Made by a company with an interesting name - Three Eyed Cat, a small brand that loves resin! What is a Dugout? A practical accessory in the form of small container designed to hold a one hitter pipe along with a separate zone for your ground up herbal material. Dugouts vary immensely in their design/looks but all share the same reason for their existence, to offer you a discrete and easy method to load/consume on the go. Katoya stands alone by offering a Dugout made from super durable Resin, in this case the same material as a bowling ball with a marble like finish.


There are a few options with Katoya and this is the Small Classic Revolver Dugout. The baby of the bunch that should fit nicely in a baggy pocket/bag. The bowling ball material is a super smooth work of art and is strong enough to protect the contents. 

Measuring: 8cms tall and 3cms in diameter.

A cylindrical tube with a rotating top, hence the Revolver name. The top lid can swivel right or left to expose 2 openings or to close off both. The slim opening is designed to hold the one-hitter pipe safely between uses. The design is quite clever as the pipe pops up partway out of the opening when you swivel. Its quite fun. The other opening is much larger, pretty much the rest of the body is an open space and it will hold a good amount of ground up herbal material. 

The one-hitter is as basic as a pipe can get. A simple slim glass tube, clear glass in this version that resembles a small cigarette in size (6cms long). Filling a one hitter from a dugout is as simple as inserting the pipe into the herbal storage zone (bowl side down), gently push down/turn and the bowl will fill. Once done the one hitter can be placed back within the dugout for protection. This is a great option for those that like smaller hits on the go. 


  • x1 Katoya Revolver Dugout - Pink Marbled
  • X1 Katoya Glass One-Hitter Pipe - Clear glass


  • Bowling ball material
  • Marble-like swirls of colour
  • Very durable
  • Small in stature - very portable
  • Glass one hitter provided
  • Pipe pops up when opening exposed
  • Twist top
  • Dual storage within
  • Large storage for herbal material
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 3 1/4"H x 1 3/16" D

NOTE: This is an individually handcrafted art piece. Exact details, accessories, decals and/or patterns may vary slightly. 

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