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Colour: Eco Green

Introducing the Smoke Buddy, by far, hands down our biggest seller across both our Vape and our Hydroponics Stores. Highly desirable amongst those that value discretion, safety or just can’t stand second hand smoke/vapour. Renters, hotel dwellers, those with nosy neighbours or who live at home with family all appreciate the benefits of this advanced personal air filtration system. Say goodbye to smelly furniture and clothes and hello to fresh air!


Smoke Buddy uses an internal system of filters and activated carbon to remove any lingering vapours, odour, tar, resin or other hydrocarbons. The activated carbon within Smoke Buddy features an extremely porous construction. These pores act as mini pathways for the smoke and vapour to travel through. A large number of pores also increases the surface area. This increased surface area allows the Smoke Buddy to be more effective at absorption while maintaining a small and portable form factor.

Activated carbon has been used for decades in various applications for its highly absorptive properties. It is often used when harmful toxins on contaminants need to be removed, such as in water filters. Active carbon also has been effectively used in the treatment of poison victims. It is trusted as a safe and natural way of removing toxins such as those found in smoke and vapour remnants. Smoke Buddy’s active carbon is a tried and tested method of discarding the contaminants in your smoke or vapor.


Incredibly easy to use, simply remove both the top and bottom caps and exhale directly into the Smoke Buddy. This is where the carbon steps in and performs its magic, capturing and eliminating the odour. Marvel as the clean filtered air comes out of the other end. Replace the caps between uses and repeat as needed! When you find it difficult to exhale through the mouthpiece, it is time to replace your device!

Smoke Buddy Original – Up to approximately 300 uses or 1-6 months.


  • x1 Original Smoke Buddy
  • x1 Key ring with light

**At We are Lux we do not advocate the breaking of any Australian laws. Please only smoke/vape what and where legally permissible.

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