Special Blue Ultrapure Butane Plus - 420ml

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It all began for Special Blue with sourcing (and selling) the cleanest Butane which then lead to the next logical next step for the brand, torches and lighters. I have sold torches from Special Blue for a while now so it seemed smart to include their Butane to the line up. Even with their large range of wares Butane is still their first love and they take great pride in bringing the cleanest European butane to the market that follows the tough EU regulations for production, canning and packaging requirements.


There are 2 reasons that people purchase butane from We are Lux; either to refuel their lighters/torches or for the process of extraction. 2 very different ways to use butane! Extraction is a fairly complicated process and at the end you are left with a herbal concentrate, a thick and very sticky substance. BHO (Butane Hash/Honey Oil) is a term used to describe the end result and please dont underestimation any effects. Not something I would ever recommend for beginners. If this is you then please be careful - extracting and consuming!

TIP: Should I buy such pure butane for my lighter/torch? I would definitely recommend it for your torch. A stronger and a less sputtering flame, the purer the butane.
Butane for extraction needs to be the purest of the pure. Pretty non-negotiable in my eyes as you may end up inhaling contaminants. It is also quite important that one is aware of the correct way to purge butane from the concentrated material before you ever think of inhalation.

Special Blue Ultrapure Plus is as pure as the name states. 99.995% pure butane sourced from the highest grade premium European Gas. As clean as they could get it. A 420ml max pressure bottle with an easy to dispense nozzle.


x1 Special Blue Ultrapure Butane Plus - 420ml


  • 99.995% Pure butane
  • Highest grade premium European gas
  • Odourless
  • Max pressure
  • Big 420mL can
  • Refill a lighter/torch
  • Can be used for herbal extraction

**Please take caution and use in a well ventilated room. Please be careful with open flames if dispensing butane.

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