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I’m generally not a secretive person and am usually quite the open book but I am aware that I am not necessarily the norm! I am asked for discrete storage solutions quite regularly in all manner of sizes and presentations. I carry as varied a range as I can with everything from odour proof bags/sachets to objects that disguise their true purpose. These stash lipstick cases fall into the latter category.


Shaped and crafted to resemble any old lipstick container you may have laying around. Not the calibre of my beloved Tom Ford Lipsticks but they don’t have to be as each has vastly different purposes! These tubes are fairly tough (some form of plastic), and they come in 4 different colours. These stash tubes can hold whatever it is you want to stow away as long as it is on the smaller side. Anything you want kept safe including jewellery as one example.  

TIP: Feel free to request one of the following colours when purchasing (Purple, Red, Blue or Cream tube) but I cannot guarantee their availability and will send the next closest colour.

Pull off the lid as you would to actually apply lipstick and the illusion continues. There appears to be an actual stick of lipstick within. Not a real one of course but a plastic replica. I have to admit a pretty good job has been done. So where is the stash then? Pull up the “lipstick” and voila, a rather larger (relatively speaking) zone beneath to stash your goods. This portion is wedged in quite tight so you will actually need to apply a little force to expose this region. This is a good point and hopefully over time it will stay as tight.

How much will fit? Can't really answer that with any factual evidence but I ask you to imagine a standard tube of lipstick then half the space within and you should be close to answering the question.


x1 Lipstick shaped replica Stash Tube (lid included)


  • Made from Durable Plastic
  • Handy stash tube
  • Discrete
  • Very Portable
  • 7cms
  • 4 colours available (possibly)

Note: At We are Lux we do not advocate for the breaking of any Australian laws and this product is for entertainment purposes only!

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