T.Ras Rolling Co Natural Rolling Papers Kit - 6 Wraps

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This rolling paper system is not new (Rastafarian method) and dates back to traditional smoking techniques used during tribal times. If you are bored, take some time to read some of the reviews online. These papers are beloved and have reached cult status among many.

Open the box and there will be 6 wraps within, but not like any wraps you have seen before. Each wrap has been hand inspected for quality (in Brooklyn, NYC) and none are chemically treated, processed or bleached at any stage. Each wrap reminds me of corn from the supermarket, which makes total sense as the wraps are made from 100% locally grown corn husk. Corn husk makes for quite a robust paper whilst still providing a light airiness to your smoking experience. You can expect anywhere from minimal to no taste from these papers depending on your individual taste buds.
The rest of the kit contains all that you will need to complete your rolled masterpiece including the following:

  • Filter Tips – 6 of them in total. These tips are cardboard and are unbleached. Each tip has perforations included at one end enabling you to craft the perfect letter M (or W).
  • Water Mist Moistener – A tiny little spray bottle that is used to dampen the paper before rolling begins. Not always necessary (as per the many videos that I have watched) but this mist can be useful if you are finding the corn husk to be a little too much on the dry side. Slightly wetting the husk will make it a little easier to manoeuvre. You can also use your saliva to achieve the same effect, but I like the ease of a misting bottle.
  • All-Natural Vegetable Glue – Another optional extra, with some purists just licking the wraps shut. I would use the glue though as I would rather be certain that my creation won’t unravel just as the moment when I don’t want it to. A very small bottle that reminds me of nail polish with a brush for easy application.
  • Limited Edition Sticker – No reason for this products inclusion. Just because they wanted to.


  • X1 T. Ras Rolling Co Wraps Kit (6 Corn Husks Wraps within)
  • X6 Filter Tips
  • X1 Water Mist Moistener (not seen in photo)
  • X1 All-Natural Vegetable Gum
  • X1 Limited Edition Sticker


  • All natural
  • Hand selected
  • No chemicals used
  • Unprocessed
  • Unbleached
  • Corn Husk Wrap
  • Clean taste
  • Slow even burn
  • Smooth
  • Rastafarian Method

**At We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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