TightVac Clear Airtight Storage Container 3.75" 20g - Clear Base

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Colour: Black

Tightvac the perfect travel companion. The ultimate storage container for vitamins, homeopathic medicine, herbs and spices, prescription drugs, cosmetics, jewellery and so much more. Don’t be fooled though, the Tightvac looks deceptively simple and like many other containers out there but is completely different to anything that I have come across. The Tightvac is the larger version of the Vitavac that I also sell.


These airtight containers may appear simple but dont be fooled as they include a very nifty press-to-pop lock (2 way valve) feature.  As the name implies, the Tightvac creates a partial vacuum seal keeping most goods fresh and edible for extended periods of time. Considered to be smell proof in most cases unless your contents are particularly odorous. This is due to the fact that the 2-way valve allows gases to slowly escape without letting oxygen in. So, if in fact you require odour protection it is recommended you use either a zip lock bag or other odour absorption product for peace of mind.
Moisture and Oxygen cannot enter into the Tightvac unless you remove the cap. Made from NSF and FDA approved PS#6 – a very strong plastic that is also tested for food safety. The Tightvac is very durable and will withstand (reasonable) handling. The Tightvac is the big brother of the Vitavac (I sell both!) with the main difference being size. Both work in exactly the same way to keep your contents fresh and when correctly in place the lid also has a self locking mechanism. Not your standard locking mechanism as you can still remove the cap but a large amount of force will be requited to break the vacuum seal within.
Measuring: 3.75" tall (9.5cms) and 2.75" in diameter (almost 7cms). The Tightvac can hold up to 20g of medicinal herb.


Simply press the button located on the top lid and pull off the cap to open. When you need to close press the same button again whilst replacing the cap. With this motion the cap volume of air is eliminated, creating a vacuum seal. Technically speaking, there is no vacuum until the cap is pulled upwards without pressing the button.
You may find the top cap feels very loose. This is not a fault and loose caps work as well as tighter ones. Over time and usage, the cap will tighten.


  • x1 Tightvac Base (clear)
  • x1 Tightvac Lid with 2 way valve (various colours)


  • Partial vacuum seal
  • Partial odour control
  • 2 way valve to remove air
  • press-to-pop lock mechanism
  • Airtight
  • Moisture free
  • Clear base and coloured lid
  • Food safe plastic
  • Holds up to 20g of herb
  • Dimensions: 3.75" tall x 2.75 "diameter (9.5cm x almost 7cm)

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