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I would like to welcome Trip Rolling Papers to my store. My first foray into clear, completely see-through rolling papers. As a former rolling aficionado, I have always had a soft spot for rolling papers that sit outside of the norm and offer something a little unique. Why wait so long then? There has been a lot of back and forward about the health concerns of certain clear rolling papers on the market that proclaim that they are healthier than they really are. I have been patiently doing my research and have finally made my choice of brands to stock.

These clear rolling papers are 100% biodegradable, are adhesive free, slow burning, wont crease, hard to tear and have no taste.


Clear rolling papers are generally made up of water, glycerin and a plant-derived form of cellulose. This cellulose is also called cellophane but before you freak out it is not the same form of cellophane that people use to wrap things (a form of plastic). The cellulose used within clear rolling papers is naturally derived from sources such as cotton, flax, rice, hemp or wood pulp. Chemicals are used in transforming natural cellulose into a form where rolling papers can be made, whether or not these are completely removed at final process is down to the standards of each brand.

The controversy began when certain brands started to push the narrative that their papers were the healthiest of all options as they were only made from pure natural cellulose. Unfortunately, they forgot to mention the vegetable glycerine that the papers get dipped in to create a shiny and slow burning product. The effects of lighting (combustion) glycerine are where the superior health claims became dubious for some. At certain high temperatures glycerine combustion will release 2 carcinogens – acrolein and aldehyde. Now that I have scared you let me make it a little worse. If you are frightened of carcinogens, then please stop smoking your herbal material (try vaping!) as you release way more of them just from combusting the herbal material alone. Smoking will never be healthy!


These rolling papers are made in Brazil were ranked in the top 10 of rolling papers by High Times Magazine in 2017. Titled Trip 2 as they are all new and improved from their first iteration and are said to be the most popular clear rolling papers on the market.

Trip 2 is a thinner as well as a tree free version of the original Trip Papers. Trip 2 Rolling Papers use Asiatic Cotton Mallow as their source of cellulose and they are part of a growing group of clear paper brands that are using 100% tree-free cellulose (no wood pulp). Cellulose made from cotton is said to be on the “healthier” side than conventional wood pulp (but let’s be realistic, you are still smoking!) Incredibly thin and clear with a smooth and clean burn allowing you to fully taste your herbal material.

These papers are ungummed. Basically, there is no glue strip for sealing as standard in most rolling papers. The inherent qualities of the type of cellulose used means that no glue of any sort is required, and you simply lick to seal just as if there was glue present.

TIP: The only advice that I can think of imparting is that I would use a glass filter tip when using clear papers. Keeping it clear for end to end. How sleek!


x1 Trip2 King Size Clear Rolling Papers


  • King Size
  • Made from Asiatic Cotton Mallow
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Transparent Papers
  • Thinner and Clearer than original
  • Gum Free
  • 100% Natural
  • Tree-Free
  • 40 Leaves per booklet
  • Single Pack

**At We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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