White Rhino Pruf 2-in-1 Herb and Concentrates Storage Jar

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White Rhino is a brand that I have been quietly watching for a little while now, knowing that I wanted to stock some of their products and now I am dipping my toes in. Dry herbs and concentrates are their main focus with a small variety of vaporisers and associated accessories on offer. Loading my store up with a vast array of storage solutions is my current focus (unique rolling papers was the last) and I am very pleased to have chosen this option. I am pretty sure that many more White Rhino products will soon make their way into my Bondi Vape Store.
Not embarrassed to admit that I love storage and on a weird side note I am actually in the process of having a new wardrobe being installed at home. Pretty exciting as I have been waiting almost a decade for it! Enough about me though. As more and more of my customers get their official prescription for their medicinal herb, the more I believe that adequate storage solutions need to be made available.  Sure, you could use any old box or jar but then you are left to deal with odour management, loss of potency and possibly some security/safety issues. Storage for your medicine should keep you and the contents as safe as possible.


This entire piece is made from glass and silicone and is separated into 2 zones enabling you to store both your dry herbal material and concentrates (wax/dab) within the one container. The large glass jar is where you place dry herbal material. This jar sits protected within a silicone sleeve and you can pull it out for cleaning. 2 cuts-outs in the sleeve allow you to sneak a peek inside whilst the rest of the silicone works to keep light out of the jar. A silicone lid seals the top of the jar.
TIP: For an airtight seal on the glass jar make sure to twist whilst pushing the lid down.
Flip the Pruf 2-in-1 over and unscrew the lid to expose the all-silicone concentrates storage zone. A fairly decent sized storage area that can rival some of the larger concentrates containers that I currently sell. Silicone is a non-stick surface and is a popular option for storing concentrates.
All in all, quite a simple premise but I think this container is brilliant, a great option for travel and for those who hate multiple storage jars rattling around. The thick silicone surrounding this entire container will help keep it safe from accidental breakage.


X1 White Rhino Silicone and Jar 2-in-1 Dry Herb and Concentrates Storage Container in Red


  • Size: 5” x 2” (13cms x 5.5cms)
  • Dry herb and concentrates storage
  • Removable Glass jar
  • Silicone wrapped
  • Viewing window
  • Odour control
  • Travel friendly

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