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White Rhino is a brand that I have been quietly watching for a little while now, knowing that I wanted to stock some of their products and now I am dipping my toes in. Dry herbs and concentrates are their main focus with a small variety of vaporisers and associated accessories on offer.


Well designed dab tools can make or break the experience. There is quite a wide range of accessories, most of them designed to help keep you/others/surfaces safe. The safer a tool keeps you the better in my opinion. Tweezers aren't just for your eyebrows and they can take you to connoisseur levels of dabbing! Any old tweezers could suffice but materials that can withstand high levels of heat are an imperative. These tweezers have been designed with dabbing in mind.
These reverse tweezers are made from high quality, durable stainless steel and feature self closing, heat-resistant silicone tips that open up when squeezed. This design is perfect for safely grabbing hot inserts, terp balls, drop-in dishes and other accessories. These silicone tips are like little socks that slip tightly over each end. These tips play a dual role; protecting the stainless steel below from high heat whilst allowing you to safely grabbing hot inserts, terp balls, drop-in dishes and other accessories. The silicone is delicate enough to prevent fragile dab accessories from being damaged when they're grabbed.
TIP: For those unaware, reverse just means that you pinch the body of the tweezers together to open the tips and vice versa to close. This is the opposite to standard tweezers and will provide more control.


x1 White Rhino Reverse Tweezers with silicone tips


  • Reverse Tweezer Design
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Tips
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Great for Handling Hot Drop Ins, Terp Balls & More
  • Makes Dabbing Safer and Easier
  • White Rhino Logo

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